Paper Toilet Seat Covers Disposable 10 pieces

Paper Toilet Seat Covers Disposable 10 pieces

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Flushable, Hygienic & Pocket Size

Wherever you need to Go!  A clean toilet seat every time.

Avoid direct contact with unsanitary toilet seat.

Simply overlaying it with one or two of these disposable paper toilet seat covers

Pocket travel size, lightweight and in a resealable pack

Just open and unfold, tear tabs to release central flap, place on toilet seat, and flush away

Ideal for WC at work, office or gym, pubs, restaurants, school, university, holidays, camping and festivals.

The paper toilet seat covers can give you the peace of mind when using a public toilet.

At Sachets and more we also sell, antibacterial gels, wipes, and other accessories to keep you safe, clean and hygienic

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