Heinz Mayonnaise Sachet Free Range 10ml

Heinz Mayonnaise Sachet Free Range 10ml

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Heinz Mayonnaise Sachet is a convenient size

10ml portion size

Ideal for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Self Catering Accommodation, Camping Gear

No Mess No Waste

Delivers great taste from a trusted brand

Perfect as an ingredient or simply served on its own.

Using only free range eggs in their magnificent tasting mayonnaise.

It has the same great taste that we love, and no artificial colour, flavour or preservative.

Delicious on everything from salads to spuds.

Heinz Mayonnaise Sachet is the perfect edition to any sandwich, or use as a dollop of indulgence to your baked potato or in your mashed potato to give a smooth creamy texture. 


Heinz Mayonnaise - Egg, Mustard 

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