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Festival Camping ULTIMATE Kit - 54 pieces

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Festival Camping ULTIMATE Kit For Your ULTIMATE Travel – 54 pcs included in a back pack of your choice

With a LED Headlight & portable travel power bank, including USB lead.

Designed from experience, your festival camping ULTIMATE kit will provide the ULTIMATE items necessary so you can enjoy the outdoors and more.

Travel sized, mini packets and sachets provide a light weight kit.

Items for your health, cleansing, sanitary, fun, relaxing and travel aspects.

For men and women this unisex kit, is a waterless pack, so need for water.

Included in this 54 piece :

x 1 Headlamp LED Torch Zoomable Lantern
x 1 Portable Travel Power Bank 2600mAh
x 1 Hand Sanitizer gel 50ml
x 1 Pits & Bits Shampoo 65ml Towel off (No water required)
x 1 Pits & Bits Body 65ml Wash Towel off (No water required)
x 10 Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers
x 3 Disposable Urinal Travel John (For men, women and children)
x 4 Hand cleansing wipes with a fresh lemon fragrance
x 1 Dove Deodorant 35ml
x 3 Tush moist flushable wipes
x 2 Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
x 1 Listerine Mouth Wash 95ml
x 1 Lip Balm Stick 11g
x 2 Poncho with hood (one size fits all)
x 3 Pack Ear Plugs
x 2 Plasters
x 3 Condoms
x 1 Kleenex handy sized tissues
x 1 Eye mask
x 3 Sun Cream SPF30 sachets 5ml
x 3 Insect Repellent Wipe
x 2 Fun Glow Stick 6″
x 1 Neon face paint tube 10ml
x 2 Black bin bag
x 1 Back Pack of your choice (see colour / styles below)

Due to the design of the kit there is no need for water. Its a waterless kit.

A great gift item for the people in your life who enjoy festivals camping and the great outdoors.

Some items may on occasion be substituted by Sachets and More due to stock availability.

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