Dairystix Dairystick UHT milk stick

Dairystix Semi Skimmed UHT Milk 12ml

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Dairystix Semi Skimmed UHT Milk 12ml

Ideal for your travels, festivals, hotels, and bed and breakfasts and camping.

A perfect one serving solutions.

Since 2007 Dairystix has been making an impact on the market for milk portions.

No more waste from opened, unused cartons of UHT.

A simple idea that is convenient, fit for purpose, prevents wastage and more importantly saves you money.

Dairystix Semi Skimmed UHT Milk 12ml is lovingly produced from home on the edge of Dartmoor.

All their milk is sourced locally from the West Country and they are the only producer of ambient milk portions that is 100% British farm assured. 

It’s worth noting Dairystix UHT Milk Portions are a catering/hospitality product with an average shelf life of between 3 and 12 weeks, consequently the throughput/usage by caterers as you would expect is a fast turnaround and can accommodate shorter shelf life than a powdered milk/whitener. Please feel free to message us to check the dates on our existing stock

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